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Fireproof Fire Protection is a 13-year-old fire sprinkler installation company. Located in Costa Mesa, we serve Southern California and nearby areas.

Fireproof Fire Protection

Residential | Freedom® VK494 Flat Plate Concealed Pendent Sprinkler

The new Freedom® Model VK494 is Viking's next generation residential concealed pendent sprinkler, featuring "ultra-fast" glass bulb technology. The 4.9 K-factor sprinkler is the first residential concealed sprinkler with the same cULus Listed flow rates for both ordinary and intermediate temperature ratings. As a result, you can now standardize on an intermediate temperature-rated sprinkler without sacrificing either performance or aesthetics.

Rated for ambient temperatures up to 150°F, the intermediate temperature VK494 model offers greater flexibility when positioning sprinklers around potential heat sources.

  • Flat plate concealed design with a nearly unlimited variety of custom color finishes, for a smooth ceiling look that doesn’t compromise aesthetics.
  • Available in both ordinary (155°F) and intermediate (200°F) temperature ratings.
  • Minimum achievable flow rates for 16' x 16', 18' x 18', and 20' x 20' coverage areas at both temperature ratings (0.05 gpm/sq. ft. density requirements).
  • Because VK494 ordinary and intermediate temperature flow rates are identical, you can standardize on the intermediate temperature models, simplifying inventory and reducing job site confusion.

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The Viking Corporation
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Model Number:         VK494
Base Part Number:     20759
Listings/Approvals:    cULus
K-factor:                       4.9 (70.6)
Connection:                 1/2" NPT
Temperature:               155°F (68°C)
200°F (93°C)
Operating Element:    Glass bulb
Finish:                            Brass
Item Price Group:        V16.1B

Residential Sprinkler Quick Reference Guide Flat Cover Plate Finishes

Freedom offers the smallest available cover plates and low-profile recessed sprinkler models, providing optimum protection while blending with décor. A choice of nine standard finishes and unlimited custom colors make Freedom almost undetectable once installed.

Viking concealed cover plates are UL Listed to accept any type and manufacturer of paint within the constraints of Viking's quality control requirements. All custom color painted cover plates have a label affixed to the inside of the cover that identifies the color by name, and that also carries a representative paint dot.

To order custom cover plate painting, contact your Viking SupplyNet customer service representative.

Fireproof Fire Protection

Our exclusive Colormatch® service can duplicate any paint sample or color chip, providing endless options for a beautiful, finished look.

Standard Finishes

Fireproof Fire Protection

Cover Plates
Technical datasheet Sprinkler F_040600

  • Fireproof Fire Protection

    Standard, Part No. 13504

    2-3/4" (70mm) diameter

  • Fireproof Fire Protection

    Domed, Part No. 12207

    3-1/8” (80mm) diameter

  • Fireproof Fire Protection

    Square, Part No. 15394

    3-5/16" (84mm) L x W

  • Fireproof Fire Protection

    Large, Part No. 13642

    3-5/16" (84mm) diameter
    (Part No. 16207 for VK480 and VK490)

Fireproof Fire Protection

Freedom® Residential | VK480 Flat Concealed Sidewall Sprinkler

Viking’s Freedom Model VK480 combines the design and installation advantages of a horizontal sidewall sprinkler with the enhanced appearance of a flat plate concealed design. Now you can provide an aesthetically pleasing solution when installing pipes in interior heated wall spaces to help alleviate freezing concerns.

  • Patented design using Viking’s innovative flow-shaper technology.
  • cULus listed for coverage areas as large as 16 x 18 ft (4.9 x 5.5 m).
  • Low flow and pressure requirements - For 16 x 16 ft coverage area, the VK480 is UL listed at 16 gpm (61 lpm) at 16 psi (110 kPa).
  • Available in durable ENT coating to resist corrosion, scratching, chipping, and flaking
  • May be installed from 4 to 12 inches (110 - 315 mm) below ceiling.
  • Innovative pipe guide, which is included standard with the sprinkler, allows for easy installation in a typical 2 x 4 stud space.
  • Installation wrench designed to help ensure proper positioning of sprinkler with deflector parallel to floor.
  • Cover plate diameter = 3-5/16 inch (84 mm) - Available in a nearly unlimited variety of custom colors.

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The Viking Corporation
210 N Industrial Park Drive, Hastings, MI 49058
Telephone: (269) 945-9501
Facsimile: (269) 945-9599

Model Number:         VK480
Base Part Number:     16116AC
Listings/Approvals:     cULus, NYC
K Factor:                       4.0 (58)
Connection:                 1/2 inch NPT (15mm)
Temperature:              165°F (74°C)
Operating Element:   Fusible Link
Cover Plate:                 16207MA/W
(135°F, White)
Item Price Group:       V16.3A
Occupancy/Hazard:   Residential
Wrench:                        16208W/R (heavy duty)
Technical Datasheet:  F_121609